Meet Embiggen!

(a perfectly cromulent token)

What is Embiggen?

Meet Embiggen (MBGN) - an ERC20 token that grows in your wallet! MBGN has a 10% annual inflation rate, compounded hourly. But unlike fiat currency, where new currency is issued to the banks, or traditional cryptocurrencies, where new currency is issued to miners, new MBGN is issued directly to wallets holding MBGN.

Embiggen embiggens itself!

Many cryptocurrencies and tokens have some mechanic to increase supply of the currency. For coins like Bitcoin and Ether, increases in supply are sent to miners. Some ERC20 tokens allow their creator to mint new tokens. Other ERC20 tokens empower users to create new tokens by collateralizing other assets.

Embiggen offers a way to introduce new currency by providing it to all MBGN holders at once, proportionally to the amount of MBGN they hold. You can think of it like a stock split; the total supply of the token is increased while each holder's share of the pie stays the same size.

How do I get some?

If you want Embiggen, we've got good news: OpenRelay is giving it away! To test our network at scale, we've created one 0x order for every single Ethereum account holding Ether and loaded them all into OpenRelay! And, hey, if you don't already have an account with Ether in it, no worries. We'll help you get set up and then make a new order, just for you. So what are you waiting for? Let's get Embiggened!